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Christians need to Rediscover the Holy Spirit and deepen their relationship with God.

Many believers over the past centuries have grappled with who is the Holy Spirit and what He did in order to form an opinion about what He will do next. Since He is part of the Godhead, this has been fraught with uninformed and wild theories about each of these questions. While each person is entitled to their own theories, the most informed conclusion requires prayer and a close examination of the information within the scriptures.


People usually search for more information about someone in whom they are curious. Whether a potential spouse or another person whom they admire or would like to emulate, people attempt to learn more about others they esteem. Christians need to maintain this attitude toward the Holy Spirit. He lives within us and we need to learn as much as possible about Him, His desires, His actions. We need to understand how to set aside the inaccurate information spread about Him. We must Rediscover His true power in order to accomplish Jesus’ goals. As we explore the information His light reveals, we will deepen our relationship with God and become better warriors for His Conquest to offer Jesus' gift to all people.